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The Coffee History
The first mentions of coffee have to be attributed to the less than accurate accounts of the important doctor Avicenna in th XI'th century. The first scientific description was given by Prospero Albino in 1582. In the 1671 work of the monk Antonio Fausto, "De Saluberrima potione", the Nairon wrote that at around 800 B.C. some Ethiopian sheepherders noticed that when their sheep and goats ate a specific plant they would start to behave in a peculiar way. When the monks came to hear of these strange stories from the sheepherders they started experimenting with the plant. They created an infusion by mixing the plant with hot water and called it "kahwa" (an Arab word meaning "wine"; and a Turkish one "kahvè" meaning "exciting"). According to religious legends "kahvè" the Archangel Gabriel gave this drink made by Allah, to the prophet Mohammed.

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